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Oscar Design and Construction has a strategic approach to the management and to the integration of industrial relations activities into day to day work practices. It is the objective of this Industrial Relations Plan to attain sustainable practices which will flow from better planning and will achieve the following goals;

  • Efficient project performance from improved communications.

  • Greater control over cost, time and quality.

  • To create a dispute free environment through consultation and common purpose.

  • Improved industrial relations capability and management focus.

  • Improved relationship with stakeholders.

  • Less time and effort spent on resolving grievances and compliance issues.

 All industrial relations matters shall be handled in a fair and equitable manner consistent

with the provisions of relevant rewards and with governing legislation.


The implementation of these policies on company projects will provide an opportunity to continuously improve industrial relations and

management performance, and will ensure project staff are aware of, understand and manage the issues which most commonly cause problems.





We strive to work with partners who share our vision and hold the values of trust, honesty, flexibility and co-operation at all levels just as high in regard as we do and more importantly, we seek out partners who share our passion for excellence and are enthusiastic about working together to deliver outstanding results.

We aim to not only exceed the expectations of joint venture partners, but to maximise the value of the final product and therefore the return on that investment.